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Hearing Aid Accessories - Batteries

How’s this for battery accessories that run the gamut of uniqueness? For those who wear hearing aids, the “Snap N’ Go Battery Carrier” is a must-have and allows users to carry a spare battery with them at all times. For more traditional household battery needs, Hear 4 You Today offers charging stations for both 9-volt batteries and AA batteries. Visit our site today to take a closer look at all our hearing aid accessories, including our hearing aid battery tester and hearing aid battery keychain. Start shopping now and contact our helpful staff via live chat with any questions!

Snap N' Go Battery Carrier
Price: $1.35
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9 Volt NiMH Battery Charger Unit - Nickel Metal Hydride
Price: $18.50
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Energizer ® Rechargeable ™ NiMH / NiCd Family Charger
Price: $32.99
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Energizer ® E2 Rechargeable ™ NiMH Compact Charger
Price: $35.00
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