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Comfort ® Contego ™ Pre-Paired Secure Conference / Court Kit

Comfort ® Contego ™ Pre-Paired Secure Conference / Court Kit
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Everyone with a hearing problem knows this: Hearing spoken words in a room full of people is more difficult than a two-way conversation. The problem is not just that larger rooms may have poor acoustics, but that ambient or background noise, created by other conversations or sound emitting from equipment, needs to be filtered out by an FM system for the hard of hearing. Often there are multiple speakers, some near, some far away, which need to be heard. To most people with reduced hearing, the problem isn’t just missing out on something being said, it is a matter of not fully sharing in the common group experience, of participating and contributing fully and equally.

The basic wireless hearing device consists of a Transmitter that can send to one or more Receivers.  Each wireless hearing device unit has a microphone, so that the sound of a speaker at a lectern and the voices of individuals nearby can be heard.  The stylish and lightweight wireless hearing deviceunits, each about 2 oz., have built-in microphones.  Transmitting wirelessly, the speaker can move around in a classroom or at a museum without loss of sound.  The Comfort® Contego™ wireless hearing devices are FCC and CE approved and follow mandated guidelines by ADA to accommodate individuals with hearing problems.

Transmitter: Digital with encryption.
Range: Twenty-Five (25) yards.
Size: 0.87 x 1.77 x 3.86 inches.
Weight: 2.1 oz.
Antenna: Built in.
Channels: 38.
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion.
Charging time: Four (4) hours.
Operating time of these wireless hearing devices: Sixteen (16) hours.
Microphones: Built in - directional and omni-directional.
Frequency range: 904-926 MHz.
Input: Line in/Microphone.
Gain:  50dB Maximum.
Max Output: 130dB SPL.

» 1 Contego™ Transmitter.
» 3 Contego™ Receivers.
» 3 Headphones.
» 3 Neck

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