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The Mini Print 425 TTY

The Mini Print 425 TTY
SKU: HH-3054
Price: $510.00

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A cost effective TTY with a built-in printer.

» Auto ID™ - The TTY automatically sends out a pleasant tone to alert everyone that a TTY user is on the line.

» Turbo Code™ - If both TTY users have this feature, it will allow the conversation to proceed as fast as they can type.

» Direct Connect - Allows you to connect Supercom directly to your telephone line.

» Two selectable print sizes.

» Keyboard Dialing.

» Locator keys on the home row.

» Follow on Dialing.

» Bright 20 character display.

» GA & SK Keys for convenience.

» P.C. style keyboard.

» 24 Character Printer.

» Computer style keyboard.

» E.A.R.S.™ - enhances transmission signal.

» Call Progress - The display will show dial tone, ringing, or busy to let the user know what is happening on the telephone line.

» Dual RJ11 jacks.

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