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Deluxe Uniphone 1140 TTY / Telephone

Deluxe Uniphone 1140 TTY / Telephone
SKU: HH-3099
Price: $300.00

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Allows individuals who are deaf, or hearing impaired, to share a single telephone with those who have normal hearing by combinning a TTY and standard telephone with volume control. This unit can be used by people who use both voice and TTY text in the same conversation. The user can lift the handset while in the TTY mode and speak to the hearing person. Also convenient for use with relay services.

» Built-in ring flasher each time you receive a call.

» Auto Answer - While you're away, the TTY can answer your TTY calls and let your callers leave messages (8k memory).

» Complete with ADA.

» Direct Connect - Allows you to connect the TTY directly to your telephone line.

» Keyboard dialing.

» Adjustable ringer volume.

» Hearing aid compatible.

» 4 row keyboard.

» Auto ID™ - The TTY automatically sends out a pleasant tone to alert everyone that a TTY user is on the line.

» Turbo Code™ - If both TTY users have this feature, it will allow the conversation to proceed as fast as they can type.

» Backlight display makes reading conversation simple.



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