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Santaper Stick - Blue - 240 Grit

Santaper Stick - Blue - 240 Grit
SKU: HH-3504-24
Price: $5.50

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Santaper Sticks provide a fast, easy, economical way to access detailed, hard-to-reach areas. The plastic Santaper Stick, tapered at the end, holds a replaceable 1/4 (6.4 mm) wide sanding belt. The Santaper Belt is made of aluminum oxide and is held in place by the Santaper Stick's patented spring-loaded mechanism. This mechanism allows the Santaper Belt to be rotated 360°. By rotating the Santaper Belt, not only is a new sanding surface exposed, but the entire Santaper Belt can be used.

» Santaper Sticks are color-coded to provide quick and easy identification of the grit being used.

» Santaper Sticks are individually packaged.

» Santaper Belts are supplied 10 belts per package.

» Santaper Sticks and Belts are provided in the following Grits:

 • 120 Grit • 240 Grit • 320 Grit • 400 Grit • 600 Grit

» The Santaper Assortment Kit (HH-3504-A) contains 3 Santaper Sticks and 15 Sandtaper Belts (3 each of the 5 grits)

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