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In The Ear Hearing Aid Cleaner Kit, 12 Kits/pk

In The Ear Hearing Aid Cleaner Kit, 12 Kits/pk
SKU: HH-3415
Price: $38.00

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The ITE Cleaner Kit contains three of the most popular hearing aid cleaning tools;
A small all-purpose brush (HH-2572) for removing foreign matter in and around the microphone opening.
Thin wire loop pulls out wax which accumulates in the receiver opening (HH-2355M).The magnet, located in the handle, is used for removing and installing batteries in all types of ITE, BTE and CIC hearing instruments. Ideal for patients with dexterity problems.
Vent Cleaning Tool (HH-3366) specially designed for vent cleaning CIC and ITE hearing aids.

» Great accessory cleaning kit for all your patients.

» Great to give away with each purchase of a hearing aid.

» A great gift for open houses and promotions.

» Supplied one dozen (12) kits per package.

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