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CaviCide ® - 24 oz. Disinfectant Spray

CaviCide ® - 24 oz. Disinfectant Spray
SKU: HH-3253
Price: $15.50

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An excellent and versatile disinfectant / decontaminant cleaner. CaviCide® ready-to-use formula meets the most recent EPA and OSHA standards for disinfection effectiveness. Kills TB, HIV-1, and other pathogens of concern. Safe for use on surfaces, including instruments, equipment, tables, counters, for ultrasonic use, and as a pre-soak and cleaner prior to sterilization. Also for use on plastic, stainless steel, glass, tile, formica, and more. Envirocide contains a biodegradable detergent system. Effectively disinfects and cleans without glutaldehyde, phenols, or bleach.


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