Hal-Hen ® Eargene ™ - One (1) 1 oz. Bottle

Hal-Hen ® Eargene ™ - One (1)  1 oz. Bottle
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Hal-Hen® Eargene™, the one product that defines ear hygiene. It is the only product whose primary purpose is to relieve itching ears.

Hal-Hen® Eargene™ is a delicately balance formula of soothing, cleansing and healing ingredients prepared especially for the tender area occupied by the earmold. Additionally, Hal-Hen® Eargene™ also relieves chafing due to eyeglass, behind-the-ear and bone conduction receivers.

Eargene does not contain corticosteriods!

» Soothing.

» Cleansing.

» Healing.

» Steroid Free.

» Ideal for the pocket or purse and when traveling.

» Packaged in - 1/2 oz. Bottles. (HH-1002-1).

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